Dover Sherborn Collective Bargaining Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Dover Sherborn Regional School District recently approved its collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for the next three years. As a resident or employee of the district, it is important to understand what this agreement means for you and the community as a whole.

What is a collective bargaining agreement?

A collective bargaining agreement is a contract between an employer and a group of employees, typically represented by a union. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties and sets the terms and conditions of employment, including wages, benefits, and working conditions.

What does the Dover Sherborn CBA cover?

The Dover Sherborn CBA covers all unionized employees of the school district, which includes teachers, custodians, bus drivers, and para-educators, among others. The agreement covers a variety of topics, including:

1. Salary and Benefits: The CBA outlines the salaries and benefits for each employee group. It also includes provisions for health insurance, sick leave, and vacation time.

2. Employee Evaluations: The CBA establishes the process for evaluating employee performance and outlines the criteria used to determine pay increases and promotions.

3. Grievance Procedures: The CBA provides a process for resolving disputes between employees and the employer, including a step-by-step grievance procedure.

4. Workload and Hours: The CBA sets limits on the amount of work an employee can be asked to do and establishes requirements for overtime pay and scheduling.

Why is the CBA important?

The collective bargaining agreement is a critical component of the relationship between the employer and employees. It ensures that employees are fairly compensated for their work and provides job security and stability. Additionally, the CBA provides a framework for resolving conflicts and promoting collaboration between the union and the administration.

What are some key changes in the new CBA?

The new CBA includes several changes from the previous agreement. These include:

1. A 2.5% salary increase for all employees in each year of the agreement.

2. Changes to the evaluation process, including the addition of parent and peer feedback for teachers.

3. Clarification of the process for filling vacant positions within the district.

4. Changes to the grievance procedure, including the addition of a mediation step.

What`s next?

The new CBA is in effect until June 30, 2024. As with any contract, it is important to understand the rights and responsibilities outlined in the agreement. If you have questions about the CBA, you should contact your union representative or the administration for more information.

Overall, the new Dover Sherborn collective bargaining agreement provides stability and security for employees while ensuring that the district continues to provide high-quality education to its students. By working together, the union and the administration have created an agreement that benefits everyone involved.