Contract Marriage Dramas: The Trending Plot in K-Dramas

For years, K-dramas have been a source of entertainment for millions of viewers around the globe. From romance to action, they have a genre for everyone. One plot, however, that has been emerging in recent years is the contract marriage drama. These shows bring together two characters who enter into a marriage agreement for various reasons, leading to unexpected twists and turns in their relationship.

What is a Contract Marriage Drama?

A contract marriage drama is a K-drama that revolves around the premise of a fake marriage agreement between the main characters. The agreement is typically for a certain period or for a specific purpose, such as securing a job or a green card. The characters usually have different motives for entering into the agreement, and as the drama progresses, the lines between the fake and real relationship begin to blur.

Why is it Popular among viewers?

Contract marriage dramas have become increasingly popular among viewers due to their engaging plotlines and the chemistry between the characters. They often have a predictable yet enjoyable storyline that keeps viewers hooked. The shows also provide an opportunity for the lead actors to showcase their acting skills as they transition between pretending to be married to falling in love with each other.

Notable Contract Marriage Dramas

There have been numerous contract marriage dramas in the K-drama industry, but a few stand out as fan-favorites.

One of the most popular ones is the 2015 drama “Descendants of the Sun,” which follows the story of a soldier and a doctor who enter a fake marriage to save the doctor`s life. The drama made headlines for its high production value, star-studded cast, and heartwarming storyline.

Another notable contract marriage drama is the 2019 show “Her Private Life.” It follows the story of a gallery curator who enters into a fake marriage agreement with her boss to save her job. The drama is known for its comedic tone and the chemistry between the lead actors.


The contract marriage drama trend in K-dramas shows no signs of slowing down, as more shows are being produced with this plotline. Viewers can expect to see more engaging storylines, unique characters, and heartwarming moments in upcoming contract marriage dramas.